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Ph: (03) 5975 4348
Cnr Wilsons Rd and Pitt St
Mornington VIC 3931

The Church

“Church” has become a confused notion in modern society.  Originally, the word simply meant, “gathered people” but it is now also often used to refer to a “building” or a “worship service”.  How many times have you heard someone say, “I’m going to church” or “our church is great!” or  “we are renovating our church”?  Each of those sayings contains a quite different meaning of the word “church”.  The first refers to a “worship service”, the second to the “community” and the third to a “building”!  Each is important but each is a quite different entity.

The Church – our community:  We are always striving to be an authentic, vibrant, Christ-centered community, connecting & interacting with the people of our neighbourhoods.  We describe ourselves as relaxed, friendly and down-to-earth because we enjoy meeting together around a cuppa and food, and we love to serve our neighbourhoods in whatever ways we are able to according to our abilities and the needs presented to us.
Our mission is to bring God’s Good-News to the people of our community in ways that are relevant & meets their needs.  We seek to model our congregational life on the life of Christ, in contrast to the organisational structures & traditions of the established Church.  Christ called people to follow Him in His mission with the promise of being empowered by the Holy Spirit. As such, our community consists of active, committed followers rather than passive “club” members.  This is an ongoing journey of growth for all of us.

The Church – our worship services:  At the core, we are a worshipping community!  Although gathering together for worship is central to the life of our community, it is not an end in itself.  We are called to “love God and our neighbours” so to do one and not the other, is to live an incomplete Christian life.  We live to worship and worship to serve!
Our Sunday morning worship service begins at 10 am, with a mixture of chorus and hymn singing, prayers, preaching and sharing of communion.  The service is contemporary, interactive and relevant to the issues we experience in our ordinary every-day lives.  Everyone is welcome to join us!

The Church – our community building:  Throughout our existence as a community (since 1987), we have never owned our own Church building; until now that is!  At the end of 2012, we purchased the building at 84 Wilsons Road, Mornington, and we have now finished renovating and extending it.
Apart from the fact that our new building provides a lovely “home” for our worshipping congregation, it has also opened up opportunities for us to provide hospitality & helpful programs for our local neighbourhood.  It is also be available for hire by community groups who need space to meet.
Feel free to check out some of the pictures in our photo gallery by clicking on the link.

Bookings for Church Community Building can be made by providing your details and booking requirements on the Contact link.