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Seven Key Features of the Leadership Team’s Governing Style

The Leadership Team endeavours to govern with an emphasis on:

  1. Outward vision rather than internal preoccupation
    1. Focus out of the organization and onto the vision/mission
    2. Focus on how to partner with others in the vision/mission
  2. Strategic leadership rather than administrative detail
    1. Focus on the big picture versus administrivia
    2. Note admin details & delegate, but don’t spend time dealing with them
  3. Future rather than past or present
    1. Primary focus on forward planning rather than historical review
    2. Primary focus on strategic issues rather than current or past issues
  4. Pro-activity rather than re-activity
    1. Focused thinking on set priorities rather than reacting to externals
    2. Focus on Community (client) rather than Organization (stakeholder)
  5. Clarity of the Leadership Team’s role
    1. Three key areas of responsibility:
      1. Planning strategically (medium to long term)
      2. Monitoring the health & well-being of the organization
      3. Overseeing the administration of the organization as a whole
    2. Regular reviews to ensure each key area is being attended to properly
  6. Encouragement of diversity in viewpoints
    1. Sensitive listening
    2. Open debate and permission to present alternate viewpoints
    3. Consensus reached in a timely manner (not too fast but not too slow)
  7. Collective rather than individual decision-making
    1. All discussion concerning Leadership Team issues contained within meetings
    2. The Leadership Team speaks with one voice or not at all
    3. There should be no individual voice outside of the Leadership Team Meetings (i.e., clear minuted motions for someone to speak on behalf of the Leadership Team)